Shark Dive Voucher

Be ready to experience the incredible as you take the plunge with over 1,000 aquatic creatures including Blacktip Reef Sharks, Cow Nose Rays, Nurse Sharks and tropical fish

What's Included

  • 120 minute Dive adventure
  • Warm up and master skills in our training pool for 15 minutes. These skills must be completed in full before the main Dive can begin.
  • Up to 25 minutes walking our underwater course
  • To avoid disappointment on the day, we advise that you read the Dive Medical Form. If you mark “YES” to any of the questions in the medical declaration form, you will need to contact your doctor or The Midlands Dive Chamber who will review the medical form and ensure you have the correct sign off before arrival.
  • All dive and safety equipment provided, including up to XXL wetsuits
  • All participants receive a PADI beginners’ certificate
  • Each dive generates a donation to the Shark Trust
  • Unlimited access to our Royal Marines-inspired Assault Course