Passholder Pre-book

Pre-booking your tickets is a simple 5 step process

How to book your tickets

Pre-booking your tickets is simple, just follow the 5 easy steps below:

  1. Choose your pass below. You will be asked to verify your pass numbers during the journey so please make sure you choose the correct pass.
  2. Select the number of guests. Please note if you have more than one pass type in your group you will need to make separate bookings for each pass type.
  3. Verify your pass details. Simply enter your pass number(s) in the verification box. You will need to do this for each guest.
  4. Choose your date and time. All available dates for your pass type will show and if dates are greyed out this means either that the date is restricted for your pass type or there is no availability on this date.
  5. Fill in your details and complete your purchase! An email confirmation will be sent to you with a link to view your tickets. Please remember to bring your pass with you when you visit us.

Please Remember

  • Passholders may now have one FREE booking per activity at any one time (eg x1 Archery, x1 Shooting, x1 Climb and x1 High Ropes)
  • Passholders may only hold one booking for each activity at any given time. 
  • A set number of Passholder tickets per activity and per Pass type are allocated each day the attraction is open. Once these Passholder tickets are booked, no more will be available to book. 
  • Please be sure to select the pass type that corresponds with the pass you currently have, eg. if you are a Gold Passholder please choose the Gold option
  • If you are a Monthly Membership Passholder, please head to the payment portal to ensure your payments are up to date. If your payments are not up to date this may prevent you from being able to book
  • Please note that only groups using the same pass type may book together, different passes must book separately eg. if you have a Premium Pass but your friend has a Standard Pass you will need to book these separately
  • Passholders may also book up to 50% off additional activities (from iFLY, Cage Snorkel or Shark Dive). 
  • You will be shown FREE and discounted activity choices upon selecting your pass pre-book type. You do not need to book a FREE activity to access the additional discounted tickets. 
  • You will be required to present your Merlin Annual Pass at the attraction for both FREE and discounted tickets.
  • Remember, each Passholder must have their own pre-book ticket to access each activity.

Merlin Platinum Passholder?

You can now test out our brand new Pre-book Portal! Including loads of great features like:

  • Your own personal account, so no need to enter your full details every time!
  • Ability to manage adventures for friends and family
  • Booking wallet, to easily view all your upcoming trips in one place
  • Ability to amend or cancel bookings with just a few taps!

For more information and to create an account, please click here.

Have another Annual Pass? Don't worry, this portal will be available for you to use very soon.