Free Basecamp Ticket 2019

Free Basecamp Ticket 2019

Our Basecamp package was removed in August 2019.

Basecamp previously included a 20 minute session each of Fear Zone, Escape Rooms, Archery and Assault Course. Our Archery experience is now its own stand alone 45 minute activity. Escape Rooms is now its own stand alone 60 minute activity. Survival Maze/Fear Zone is no longer an activity offers at The Bear Grylls Adventure. Each guest receives unlimited access to our Royal Marines-inspired Assault Course throughout your visit date.

Physical vouchers for 'One Free Epic Basecamp ticket' were given to guests who attended the attraction between February - May 2019, due to an activity closure.

As these tickets are now more than 3 years old, and as Basecamp is no longer an activity offered at The Bear Grylls Adventure, these vouchers are no longer valid, and will not be accepted for visits to the attraction. 

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