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Bear Grylls Welcomes Inspirational Guests To Attraction

  • Friday 8th October 2021
  • Our Heroes

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Bear’s time at the attraction was to celebrate the Scouting Unsung Heroes and to spend some time with special guests from Together for Short Lives charity.

Bear Grylls said

“Our goal with Merlin is to run these “Our Heroes” Days throughout the calendar to welcome those from the charities we work closely with and to support these everyday heroes


Marc Bell, General Manager of The Bear Grylls Adventure said

We are thrilled to be welcoming Bear and his guests to The Bear Grylls Adventure for this special Our Heroes event. What an amazing way to share the love of adventure we all share here, from Bear to our staff to the thrill-seekers we welcome through the door each day! Merlin can’t wait to continue working with Bear to create more days like this throughout the year.”

The Unsung Heroes’ achievements were as varied as they were impressive. Some huge sums for good causes, drew pictures or told jokes for charity. One Scout, Max Woosey, camped out for over 550 days, and raised over half a million pounds for his local hospice. (And he’s still camping now).

Others cycled, climbed and travelled hundreds of miles for charity, all going the extra mile to do something amazing. Some achieved their awards despite facing serious illness or losing a close family member, while others were recognised for the calmness and presence of mind dealing with emergencies.