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  • Friday 18th August 2023
  • Archery GB

Archery Cheering Sq

For a limited time only, people with the name Robin or Robyn are being given the chance to embrace their inner Robin Hood by trying their hand at archery at The Bear Grylls Adventure – free of charge!

The namesakes are being offered this unique opportunity at the adventure centre, located next to The National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, in celebration of their archery instructors completing their training with Archery GB.


Rather than using a bow and arrow to steal from the rich and give to the poor like the historic skilled archer, the modern-day Robin and Robyn’s will get to hone their aim with the help of a member of the ten-strong team of professionally skilled bowmen onsite.


The team of impressive archers have all been awarded the Archery GB Instructor Award – the industry’s leading training course for archery.


The qualification means that the instructors are experts in shooting arrows, preparing and delivering exhilarating archery sessions, setting up a range and ensuring safety rules are met.


The Robin and Robyn’s of the nation will be briefed by the expert instructors before heading to the range, taking on the targets and embracing their competitive side with some games and additional challenges.


This special opportunity is available every weekend in September, with participants simply having to prove their link to the famous hero by sending over a copy of their photo ID in order to book their free 30-minute archery session via email to:


The site also offers special archery sessions for the youngest adventurers (aged 5-7), on Saturdays and Sundays, where the mini archers get focused, expert guidance from the instructors – so even the littlest Robin Hood’s in-the-making can get involved!


Regarding their partnership with The Bear Grylls Adventure, Archery GB’s Head of Participation, Gayle Pink, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to have such a high-profile organisation such as The Bear Grylls Adventure join our AAP programme.


“Part of the criteria to become an AAP is that staff have up-to-date Archery GB qualifications (Instructor or Coach), as a first step, so therefore we worked with the site to deliver an Archery GB Instructor Award for all staff.


“Jamila Bi, our Legacy Co-ordinator delivered a bespoke course at the attraction, focusing on inclusion and how to adapt activities to cater for young people and people with a variety of disabilities."


Lee Phillips, General Manager at The Bear Grylls Adventure, said: “We can’t wait to see the archery range full of modern-day Robin Hoods – you never know, we might discover the next archery legend!


“The hopeful heroes will get the best help in honing their bullseye aim with the guidance of our excellent, GB-trained team of archers.


“The combined experience of the team offers a really unique opportunity to learn from the very best and push yourself to gain a new skill, which is what we’re all about at The Bear Grylls Adventure.”