Take the leap and get ready to feel the rush of freefall. You will be briefed by a highly skilled jump instructor and fully kitted out. In the tunnel you’ll experience intense wind speeds equivalent to the freefall time of more than three skydives.

Realise the adrenaline of flight in our indoor vertical wind tunnel where you will be thrown into free fall using leading wind speed technology and without the need for parachutes or planes. In our aircraft hangar pre-flight you’ll learn all the body positions and hand signals you need for freefall and your expert instructor will fly with you in the tunnel.

The more you fly, the better you will get. Ask our instructors to show you some bodyflight tricks – it is one of the fastest growing worldwide sports.

All our activities are for age 11 and up. 

There is a weight restriction of 18 stone for iFLY. 


Skills you'll need:

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Ready to take the indoor freefall adventure challenge?

iFLY - indoor freefall adventure + Basecamp

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Self Belief

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What's included?

  • Freefall tunnel time equivalent to three, 12000ft skydives. The full experience will take around 90 minutes.
  • Expert instruction and briefing, whatever your level.
  • All safety equipment including suits, helmets and goggles.

Entry to the Adventure Basecamp - An action packed 90 minutes completing four awesome challenges:

+ Adventure Basecamp Includes:

  • BREAK OUT - Escape Room Experience + TARGETS Archery
  • An expert guide who’ll help you discover what you’re really made of
  • FREE digital photos

iFLY - What do you need to take part? + Basecamp

What do you need to take part?

  • A ‘never give up’ attitude and incurable sense of adventure.
  • No previous skydiving experience needed but if you are an expert skydiver there will still be a challenge for you.
  • You’ll be wearing your own clothes underneath your flight suit so make sure they’re adventure ready. No skirts, scarves and hats please but we have lockers on site for any loose kit.
  • Wear lace up trainers. No slip on shoes or flip flops and definitely no high heels. You will need to remove all jewellery before going into the tunnel.

Can anyone take part in the Bear Grylls Adventure indoor free fall experience?

We've got first class indoor free fall instructors at The Bear Grylls Adventure who will take every visitor, through our dedicated training to ensure a thrilling and safe experience. Visitors who have never skydived before or have never experienced a free fall before will certainly be able to enjoy this experience. 

However, there are a couple of medical conditions that would prevent our visitors from taking part in our indoor free fall experience. So please read our risk declaration form carefully before making a booking.

iFLY packages

Choose your challenge


90 action-packed minutes

Online Price £20 p.p.

Includes 4 Activites

  • FREE Digital Photos
  • Survival Maze
  • Escape Room,
  • Target Archery
  • Assault Course
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Best value

Basecamp + iFLY

3 h experience

Package Price £ 65 p.p.
Value £ 70 p.p.

  • Freefall time equals 12,000ft skydive
  • Expert coaching on 1:1 level
  • Includes Adventure Basecamp + FREE digital photos
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Go ALL In Package

More than 8 action-packed hours

Package Price £160 p.p.
Value £235 p.p.

Your ultimate day of adventure

  • Basecamp
  • Dive
  • iFLY indoor freefall
  • Climb
  • High Ropes
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Looking for more tunnel time?

Our iFLY indoor freefall experience is a 90 min experience, with two flights for each adventurer. If you're looking for more tunnel time or exclusive tunnel hires simply get in touch with our Adventure Planning team.

Exclusive iFLY tunnel hire

starting from £ 1,800 per hour

  • exclusive tunnel hire
  • all equipment provided
  • available for up to 13 guests per hour